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You Hear About Things Like This...

March 13th, 2015 at 05:38 pm

but I've never had it happen or know anyone that it has happened to. I woke up yesterday morning and logged onto my local bank account. There was a deposit of 215,000.00 (and change) showing being made the evening before. There was no hold on the money all funds were available. I never made this deposit! I called the bank and the lady said she'd try to figure it out and call me back. About 45 minutes later the money was gone, no trace of a deposit and I never heard back from the bank. I bet someone was in BIG trouble....can you imagine if someone withdrew the money? There was no hold on it, the lady on the phone even commented on that....weird.

No Spend Day and eBay Earnings.

January 3rd, 2015 at 04:04 am

Another no spend day for January 2nd. eBay earnings are now at $465.00. I have more items to list but lack the motivation for some reason. When it's rainy and yucky I just don't feel like doing anything.

We ate lasagna out of the freezer and a fresh salad for dinner last night. I haven't cooked since Monday we have been eating leftovers. Hoping to keep the grocery bill down and use up some items I've had for awhile now.

January Weigh In

January 3rd, 2015 at 03:31 am

I've weighed in at 136 pounds, hoping to lose at least 11 pounds. It should be an attainable goal as I have not been eating as I know I should. I have started eating sugar and bread again when I know I shouldn't. I need to get back on track. I try to walk 5-10 miles daily but it hasn't been happening the last few days because it has been raining. I hope this weather clears up soon. If I don't get enough exercise I really start feeling blah!

2015 Off to a Great Start

January 2nd, 2015 at 04:27 am

I started 2015 with a no spend day. I hope to have many, many more of these. For lunch and dinner we had leftovers of cheese enchiladas and Spanish rice which I had cooked the day before. There are still plenty of leftovers so I will will make frozen dinners out of the rest. I usually have about 20 frozen dinners in my freezer at any time. This works out great for lunches for my husband and is great for those times I don't feel like cooking.

I sold one purse on eBay for a total of $85. I have a brand new Samsung phone listed and am hoping to sell it but all of my best offers are coming from overseas which makes me nervous. I have it listed at over $400 and possibly losing that much money makes me nervous. It is a replacement phone for one that stopped charging and I had already started using a different phone before it arrived in the mail. Hopefully I will get an offer from someone in the US with good feedback and will be able to sell it with no problems.

Has your New Year gotten off to a good start?

Ebay Earnings for 2014

December 31st, 2014 at 08:53 am

As of today from Jan 01,2014 I have sold 254 items on eBay for a total of 12,538. Not bad, with my Dad being ill with cancer and dying this year I didn't really try all that hard so I know I can do much better. I'm going to try harder this coming year and hope to at least double that amount. I'm working on cleaning and taking pictures of 45 purses to list by tomorrow for the New Year 2015. Ebay is having free listing until Jan 4th, so will take advantage of that. For those of you who do list and sell on eBay, how did you do in 2014?

At A Complete Loss (Not Financial)

August 3rd, 2014 at 05:52 pm

My father passed away at 1235 this morning. He suffered so terribly in the last week of his life, then felt as though he had lost his dignity as his two daughters had to clean him after toileting etc. He wasn't able to do anything himself in the end. It was so terribly sad and just horrible.
He did smile up to the end, he was always a happy person, with not a bad word to say about anyone.

I've prayed and prayed this week that the Lord would take him. Daddy kept telling me he just wanted to go home, someone take me home. I told him he was home but he said he wanted to go to my mothers home that he missed her terribly. They were married 50 years when she passed away last October. I believe they are now reunited.

After being a caregiver for my parents for the last two years without hardly ever going to my home much at all I feel completely lost and sad and just feel such a void. I miss them both dearly and am not taking any of this well. I know they are in a better place, and I wouldn't want them here suffering but I just feel such a void and so lost. Please continue prayers for me, I need them now more than ever.

Delicious but Inexpensive Breakfast Tacos

July 21st, 2014 at 07:08 am

I made delicious breakfast tacos this morning. It made enough for 4 tacos and cost under a dollar.

I used, three large eggs, a small piece of yellow pepper, a small piece of orange pepper, two very small green peppers from the garden, two green onions, a very small potato and garlic powder, 1/2 teaspoon of salt and some pepper.

I filled two corn tortillas with the mixture and added a bit of salsa. It was delicious, cheap and satisfying.

I'm going to try hard to keep up with my grocery spending and cost of meals.

S.A. Make Money Challenge eBay

July 20th, 2014 at 12:37 pm

I have sold 27 items for $1291.61. Three weeks of the month gone as of today. I have not been listing much as I have been doing other things. My sister and youngest son are going to start helping me find items, list and ship. We will split the profits 3 ways. I think if we all three work at it we can make some serious money.

I'd like to use my part of the money to put back into the small community in which I live. The ladies group I belong to would like to do things for the children that live there. This is a very poor community. We went Christmas caroling year before last and I was shocked at the state of the homes in which we visited. Windows knocked out, holes in the walls and floors. It truly was heart breaking. When I no longer have to worry about my Father I plan to get very involved with the community and also visit the hospital and nursing home in another nearby small town.

Are there very many very poor people in the community that you live in? When I see how bad some people truly have it I realize how blessed I've always been. Even at my very poorest, which I thought was pretty poor, I was very blessed compared to the majority in the little town that I live closest to.

Company For The Weekend Inexpensive Lunch

July 20th, 2014 at 10:42 am

I made gluten-free muffins this morning for breakfast.
My daughter, her husband and my grand daughter came for the weekend to visit us. It was a nice visit, always nice to see the grand baby. She sure is growing.

My husband also came for lunch yesterday, I made roast, gluten free brown gravy, carrots, mashed potatoes, peas, yeast rolls, blackberry cobbler and a peach cobbler. It was an awesome feast! We ended up having 9 adults eating, I had to buy two beef roasts, the entire lunch cost about $50 dollars, there was a crumb of nothing left at the end of lunch. Very inexpensive considering what a nice restaurant would have charged for that many people.

My father continues to hang in there although the he is suffering much pain. He says that the morphine patches, liquid and hydrocodone barely touch his pain. He fell in the restroom again day before yesterday and my brother had to help him, he is very modest and it makes it hard for my sister and I at times. It now takes two of us to help him out of bed and his chair. I will miss him greatly but I pray that his suffering will end soon. Please continue prayers and good thoughts for my family.

Ebay Challenge and Garden Haul

July 18th, 2014 at 07:43 am

My sales for eBay to date are 1237.62, that is not just my profit, I've lost track and will have to sit down and figure it out.

We have gotten several sweet watermelons, okra, tomatoes and squash, as well as tons of black eyed peas from our garden so far. I've frozen most but it feels like we have been eating like kings, I love fresh veggies and love this time of the year!

I made stuffed green peppers and a meatloaf last night. I used the hand held chopper to chop a yellow squash which I added in the meat mixture, it was delicious!

Vanguard Mutual Funds

July 18th, 2014 at 06:14 am

I've been wanting to invest in Vanguard for a couple of years now, actually longer but never did, for what reason I'm not really sure.

I finally opened up an account this morning and transferred 10,000.00. I'll set up an automatic transfer of 3,000.00 per month to go there. I've just been keeping my money in my savings account but it doesn't earn much interest in there.

I get a monthly allowance from my husband of 8,000.00 per month and he contributes to an IRA for me every year also. I've been hesitant to post exactly how much money I receive from him as I didn't want to give the impression that I'm a spoiled princess, I realize just how blessed I am as I've spent many years struggling as a poor (financially) single mother. I mainly use the money he gives me to help others in need. I help my family, as most readers know I lost my mother to cancer in October and my father is in the end stages of lung cancer. Had it not been for my husband I'd not have been able to stay with them and help them and to spend their last days with them.

I try not to get tempted and just spend willy nilly, I've been frugal for many years and those habits have stayed with me.

I sell on eBay to make extra money as my goals are to still be frugal so that I can help others and to be a good steward of the blessings that I believe God has given me.

I'd really like to make enough extra money to not have to touch the monthly allowance so I could invest all of it. I will keep working at it.

Do you invest monthly?

Ebay Sales Challenge 6th Day

July 6th, 2014 at 05:09 pm

For the first six days of July my ebay sales are 768.00, that was selling 15 items, I'm just going to guesstimate that my profit is around 550.00 after shipping and fees, including ebay, paypal also.

How's everyone else doing?

S.A. Ebay Listing Challenge

July 2nd, 2014 at 12:50 pm

I have sold three items in the first two days on eBay, all were purses. Are we reporting total sales or profits? My total sales as of today are 178.00, profits are 148.00. How many people are doing this challenge? How has everyone else started out the month?

My Husbands Hired House Keeper

June 24th, 2014 at 08:23 pm

My husband has decided that since I'm gone all of the time that he needed to hire a housekeeper,
I occasionally go home a few days if I can find someone I can trust to stay with my Dad, but it just doesn't happen much,
I do agree with him, someone needs to clean his restroom, he is a rancher and you cant believe how his shower looks after he's been out in the pasture all day! Plus he is just not one to clean.
He found a lady through my sister in law, she works for her and another couple who live on the same road as us. We live 30 miles from the nearest town so she has to drive a good way.
The job just requires dusting, changing beds, sweeping, mopping, and vacumming area rugs. I have a steam mop so mopping is very easy to do on the hardwood floors and theres a fluid in the same steam mop that shines them. It really isn't a lot of work, as far as the rest of the house goes we are very neat and we pick up after ourselves. Id like to have someone do baseboards and ceiling fans, the stuff I really dislike doing. We don't leave dirty clothes or dishes for her to clean.
After she worked the first day my husband asked the sis in law how much he should pay her for 5 hours and she said 150 dollars. That's 30 dollars an hour! She refuses to use the steam mop or the vaccum I think it might be because she thinks something might go wrong with them. After she cleaned last time I went home for a day and there was dirt all under the rugs and in the spare bathroom. I just would think that for that price she could sweep vaccum and mop!
My sister said she would do it for that price and I think I'll take her up on the offer because she does know how to clean.
Does anyone here use a housekeeper? What are the rates in your area?

Garden Producing and Ebay Profits

June 24th, 2014 at 07:58 pm

We have been getting produce from our garden for a month and a half now. We have lots of