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Expensive Last Six Months

August 20th, 2013 at 02:48 pm

I made a long post a couple of days ago and didn't save it and when I hit save and publish it disappeared. How aggravating!

It has been hard to be frugal lately as I've had a lot of expenses. I still stay with my mother since she has terminal cancer so I still go back and forth from my home to her home which is about 70 miles from one another. I've started staying with her 5 or 6 days a week instead of driving back and forth. I was driving our full sized truck and the fuel costs were astronomical. My husband bought me a new Volkswagen Passat and it gets around 45 miles per gallon so that is much better and much less expensive. It's diesel so it costs more per gallon but in the long run I save much more than driving the truck. He paid cash so no payments thank goodness.

I cook what my mother asks for so I don't really watch my grocery spending like I should. I want to be able to make her everything she asks for or order out for what she wants. It's gotten to where now she really doesn't ask for much, she's losing her appetite. It's been 10 months since she found out she had terminal cancer and they gave her about three months then to live. She did really well up until last month but now seems to be going down hill fast.
I'm thankful for the time we've been able to share and that we have gotten closer over the last ten months.

My daughter got married on August 7th and I paid for her entire wedding. All in all I spent about 5 thousand dollars for 50 people to attend. That included the church and reception hall fees, gifts to the organist and pastor and my sister in law for doing all decorating, flowers including and boutonnieres, corsages, food etc. That also included jewelry for the bride, her dress, veil, shoes and bridesmaid dresses. It was a beautiful wedding in a church that's over 120 years old. There were lots of compliments from people that attended. I think it was just as beautiful as any wedding that costs 10 or 20 thousand dollars.

Three days after getting married my daughter found out she is expecting. I've already been planning baby item purchases! I can't wait, I'll be a first time grandma!

I've spent tons of money also at the dentist and dermatologist, I still have lots of expenses to go, so far I've spent around 10 thousand dollars. Dental implants aren't cheap! The price is ridiculous! Plus I travel about four hours to get there. Because of the oilfield in a lot of towns in Texas to get a hotel in the town that I go to would cost 250 dollars a night. Price gouging! The people who make very little money cannot even find housing in some of these places in West and South Texas.

I'm hoping things settle down pretty soon financially.
Thank goodness I have such a loving, understanding husband!

How has everyone here been doing?

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