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At A Complete Loss (Not Financial)

August 3rd, 2014 at 05:52 pm

My father passed away at 1235 this morning. He suffered so terribly in the last week of his life, then felt as though he had lost his dignity as his two daughters had to clean him after toileting etc. He wasn't able to do anything himself in the end. It was so terribly sad and just horrible.
He did smile up to the end, he was always a happy person, with not a bad word to say about anyone.

I've prayed and prayed this week that the Lord would take him. Daddy kept telling me he just wanted to go home, someone take me home. I told him he was home but he said he wanted to go to my mothers home that he missed her terribly. They were married 50 years when she passed away last October. I believe they are now reunited.

After being a caregiver for my parents for the last two years without hardly ever going to my home much at all I feel completely lost and sad and just feel such a void. I miss them both dearly and am not taking any of this well. I know they are in a better place, and I wouldn't want them here suffering but I just feel such a void and so lost. Please continue prayers for me, I need them now more than ever.

$900 glorified waste basket/trash can

February 26th, 2013 at 09:37 pm

We ordered a trash compactor online after searching for quite sometime to find what we though was the right one for us. It apparently has the ability to use a ton of force to mash the trash flat etc etc but when we use it not much happens.

We have followed instructions and called the repair man that the company we bought it from recommends, he says there is nothing he can do this is a common problem in this particular model. Soooooo.....we call the company once again and tell them that we either want a product that works {we could stomp the trash and compact it better than this machine does} or we want our money back. They say they can do nothing because we used the machine......oh really? Well how would you know it didnt work if you didn't use it?

Finally after several hours they told us to send it back to them and they will exchange it. The shipping one way is over $300 dollars and they want us to pay for it. Why do we have to pay to send a defective product back? What a mess! If we do all this that compacter will end up costing almost 1500 dollars!