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Sister in Law and Going to NYC For A Week!!

December 10th, 2013 at 03:37 am

It's been a while since I posted but things are still the same with sister in law. She still has my mothers car and now claims that it is making a terrible noise and she doesn't know what is wrong with it. I knew that would happen!! She can't get enough money to have her own vehicle repaired, I'm sure she wouldn't be able to fix my mother's! Nothing has changed with her and I don't expect that it ever will. I try to just mind my own business and keep my mouth shut so I don't upset my father.

My two youngest kids, niece and I are going to NYC on the 12th of December and staying for a week. We are all so excited we can hardly contain ourselves! I booked a hotel only half a block from Times Square and the kids have pretty much figured out what we will be doing. We are going to do as much free stuff as we can and maybe see The Nutcracker and another show. The airline tickets were not expensive but the hotels are outrageous! I chose one that was just about the least expensive I could find. The ratings are not 4 or 5 star but I figure all we need is a place to sleep as we will be busy sight seeing etc during the day. The location of the hotel is in a great place and right near most things that we want to do. For food etc, we intend to use Groupon deals and also eat at street vendors and some of the least expensive places out of the tourist district to try and keep costs down. This trip was my kids Christmas present and my nieces graduation present. I've always wanted to see the lights/Christmas activity in New York and I can't wait!

I've got all my Christmas gifts purchased except for my dads. I'm having trouble deciding what I should get him. He really doesn't want anything he says and it's hard trying to figure it out. I suppose I will probably end up giving him candy or some sort of food.

Thanksgiving was hard without my mother. It just didn't feel like Thanksgiving day at all with her missing. Christmas just won't be the same either. I'm sure it will get easier as time goes on but her death so close to the holidays has really been very depressing and so hard to deal with when this should be such a festive time.

I hope all is going great for everyone and your holidays are great filled with love and family!