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Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

December 8th, 2012 at 04:38 am

It's a beautiful 75 degrees here in South Texas this morning!

I usually get up about 3:00 am, a habit I got into and can't break after working years in retail and having to go to work early. I don't like to get up and be rushed so I would get up a couple of hours before I had to be at work. When my children were young that was the only time I had to figure out finanaces and have a bit of "me" time.

These days I usually get my first cup of coffee and sit on our front deck. Lately it's been a bit chilly but this morning is just perfect. You can hear the coyotes howling and other sounds of nature which I find very relaxing, I love it.

We have three dogs, two of which are outside dogs that stay in the back yard. One is a boxer named Lilly who is about 7 months old. Around 4:00 am she starts moving the patio furniture around on the back deck. Before that you will hear the two of them have a fuss every single morning. They sleep in the same dog house and Lilly sleeps on the inside. I suppose it must really aggravate Penny, our other dog, to have to get up and move to let her out of the house. My husband says he is going to buy another house so they will each have one. I really think they will still sleep together but he doesn't seem to think so.

In the summer it was so hot that he bought them an airconditioner for the back deck, we have some very spoiled puppies here! Their house is also on the back deck, they own the whole area.

As it gets light I usually see a couple of deer in the front yard and lately about three or four turkeys have been in the pasture just off the side of the front yard. Living here defenitely reduces stress and bloodpressure which saves on medical bills. I used to have major problems with both.

We will be planting our grass in the spring, we bought the seed and a tiller last spring when we had our house built here but we had so many other things to do and so many people working here that we just didn't get around to planting it. There is so much dust because it's very dry here, I'll be glad when we have grass, hopefully it will cut some of the dustiness. I've had some allergy problems and asthma problems because of it and the ragweed that is in this area. Also there is alot of oilfield activity out here and they have cleared alot of the land on the ranches in the area.

I hope everyone elses morning is just as beautiful!