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Mistaken Identity and Starting a New Household

August 20th, 2013 at 03:12 pm

As I mentioned in my previous post my daughter is newly married.

Her husband is a SSGT in the air force. They applied for an apartment which required a credit and back ground check. About a week later the complex called and told them they were denied because she had a conviction for a theft by check in another Texas town to which she has never been. She disputed it and a week later the credit agency which is Transunion told her...Sorry for the inconvenience that wasn't you, this person had the same name but different date of birth and social security number. In the mean time they were running out of time to find a place to live so ended up getting base housing. The house they got is really nice and now they are glad they were denied for the apartment as the house has three bedrooms and with the baby coming they need the extra room.

They both had room mates before so neither had items to start a new household. I went with her and bought things for the kitchen and bathrooms and spent 800 dollars. Holy smokes! I didn't realize the cost of things these days! We didn't buy the most expensive of anything either. She got pots and pans, silverware, bathroom rugs, shower curtains, just the basics really.

They bought their washer and dryer also and their dining room furniture, they were surprised how quickly it all adds up. The good thing is they have paid cash for everything that was purchased so they won't start their new lives in debt.

Sometimes I wonder how people who have very little money make it these days, it seems near impossible.

2 Responses to “Mistaken Identity and Starting a New Household”

  1. snafu Says:

    How wonderful to be an expectant grandmother. I hope that news spreads joy throughout the family. I thought you did phenomenally well outfitting kitchen and bath for $800. Many of us check out yard sales and charity shops for gently used kitchenware, seasonal items and more to significantly s-t-r-e-t-c-h funds. Anyways, it's such fun!

  2. Maranatha Says:

    Hi Snafu, thank you for your comment. I normally would check out flea markets and thrift shops but it seems lately in our area all I find are burnt plastic spatulas and plastic bowls with red sauce stains. We got quality items that hopefully will last her a very long time. We got more kitchen appliances etc than bathroom items.

    I am very excited to be a grandmother, I didn't think I would be this excited but I can't wait!

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