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Discounts and Bargains, Shopping and Hotels

August 23rd, 2013 at 04:13 am

I had to go out of town again to see the dentist and dermatologist. I had an appointment Thursday morning and Friday morning. I decided to look for a hotel again and found one that was willing to give me several discounts so booked for two days at $139 dollars per day. The only other alternative was paying $249 per day at another place. The ones that seemed more reasonable in price with vacancies had terrible reviews and since I travel alone I'd rather stay somewhere that I feel safe and somewhere that is clean and as sanitary as possible. I don't have to be back for another month but will book the same hotel next time.

There was sales everywhere this week for back to school. I found 4 dresses that were deeply discounted and a couple of blouses and pants that also were discounted. That will probably be the only new clothing I buy for the rest of the year. Most of my clothing items I buy from the thrift shops or flea markets.

I have paid for three meals out but it has only cost $12 dollars which isn't bad.

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